Photography session with AGAR & makeup Artist Mickey Srur Marienfeld

3D environment concept

3D photorealistic environment interior design concept – Design, modeling, lighting & rendering for an empty leaving-room space

“Scarf” – Photography

Photography session with Hila Sheleg (a.k.a Frozen May). These are some photos from this session.

Photographing Manhattan

Manhattan NYC – photographing places capturing moments, some mundane some are not…

“Arrival” –  Concept art painting

“Arrival” Concept Art Painting. Cinematic concept art, I painted in Photoshop. The concept.. A bigger than life, futuristic city, captured at the moment of an historical event, awaiting some kind of arrival. Intentionally, the nature of the arrival , good or bad, is left unrevealed ..

3D Character – “Link”

“Link” is a 3D character concept design. 3D modeling, sculpting, lighting and rendering. image was finalized in Photoshop.

3D Character sketch

3D Character sketch turntable – old man – Alexander – Zbrush 3d digital sculpting – turntable, this one is a sketch of an old man named Alexander and he has a…

3D environment concept “back entrance”

3D environment concept art design of a “back entrance” to an old urban building (design, modeling, lighting, render)

Photo Session – Tzlil

Model : TSLIL, Makeup: Rotem Oron, Styling: Ayelet Krausa

For UX /UI and Web Projetcs